Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tom Mohrman: Portfolio

Hello! I am Tom Mohrman. Here are some things I have done:

I am the publisher of the Seattle arts blog Wonder and Risk. WAR is in its second year, and has been the home of several great writers and cartoonists. Some of the aspects of WAR that I'm proud of include my interviews with Seattle creative people (Mary of Mary's Kitchen, Omar Willey of the Seattle Star, the band Ever so Android), News coverage (community activism following small business robbery, the Legalize Wrestling movement in Washington State). It's also been a place to park some of my creative silliness

In November of 2013 WAR published Volume 1 of our best-of up to that point, with a release party at the High Dive. This included performances by stand up comedians, musicians, and the sketch group Charles. Check out my recap here

Freelance work
My take on the Capitol Hill Seattle comedy scene circa 2012 at the Capitol Hill Seattle
My poem, A Somewhat Uplifting Letter to America at The Seattle Star
One of many theater reviews at Culturemob, this one of Sideshow by Jenna Bean Veatch